“Wait For Steady Light” EP Now Available

On September 25th, Brooklyn-based artist known as Tender Glue released his debut EP titled, “Wait For Steady Light”. As a celebration of this album and an invitation to the public, Tender Glue will will be performing an EP Release Show at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday, September 26th 2015.

The album is fully downloadable for FREE at tenderglue.bandcamp.com. After several years of creating original music, this album is a culmination of raw recordings, composed with minimal equipment, using the resources he had in his home. Tender Glue’s music ranges from a variety of musical inspirations deriving from Indie Rock, some elements of Post Punk, combined with Acoustic Sounds. His extensive range of music brings together a sound that appeals to music lovers of multiple genres.

Tender Glue presents his outlandish personality and sense of humor through his EP promo video, which you can watch here.

An open invitation is extended to the media and press to review, share and capture this musical moment and celebration. For any further inquiries, please reach out to tenderglue@gmail.com.

Author: Lindsey Lazarte
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Tender Glue Announces Upcoming EP titled, “Wait for Steady Light”

On September 25, 2015, Brooklyn-based artist known as Tender Glue will be releasing his debut album, “Wait for Steady Light”. To promote this album, Tender Glue will be performing an EP Release Show at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, New York on September 26th 2015. You may have seen him previously perform at several local music venues throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan such as Pine Box Rock Shop, Muchmore’s, Sidewalk Cafe, and The Bodega Wine Bar where he was formerly employed and first started performing. He has performed in Europe in places such as London and Luxembourg.

Originally born and raised in Poland, Tender Glue moved to New York in 2002 and currently resides in the Bushwick/Ridgewood area where he’s lived for about 13 years. Tender Glue explains his first encounter with playing music when he was twelve years-old after he had fixed a broken guitar that his brother brought home (You can learn more about his story in the “ABOUT” section of his website). After several years of creating original music, this album is a culmination of raw recordings, composed with minimal equipment using the resources he had in his home. Tender Glue’s musical genres include indie rock, some elements of post punk, combined with acoustic sounds.

You can watch his EP promo video here, where you can get to know more about Tender Glue as an artist. Click here for more information about the EP Release Show. For any further inquiries, please reach out to tenderglue@gmail.com.

Author: Lindsey Lazarte
(Follow @Lindseyruns on Twitter)