“Sounding out curling atmospherics that recall Kurt Vile’s great 2011 release ‘Smoke Ring from My Halo” from a few years back, the guitar-based track is also, impressively, a poetic paean of days gone by in the tradition of none other than Dylan or Cohen.” – The Deli Magazine


“Their self-described purpose: ‘Not a person. Not a band. It is music made by an urge to create.’ And that urge to create is about to bring us some good stuff.” – Pancakes and Whiskey


“Tender Glue is a brilliant clash of twang, grit and pop, delivering as many dirty guitar lines and perfectly sparse moments as clever vocals and catchy melodies.” – The Wild Honey Pie


“…the lo-fi elements warm up a minimal no frills approach to his songwriting style, but it’s the person coming through the voice that touches and captivates so wonderfully.” – ELEVTRTRAX


“He’s been likened to…Strand Of Oaks and The War On Drugs into the mix, because we think fans of those acts will dig Hope Street.” – Songwriting Magazine


“The soulful vocals and contemplative vibe prove to be particularly effective at evoking emotion from the listener. The track stops whatever you happen to be doing and transports you into Tender Glue’s world.” – Groundsounds


“With an original voice (the sadness of the song is almost tactile), and a tremendous talent for melody, Tender Glue is so unbelievably wonderful.  The production is impeccable.” – Audio Fuzz


“This is one of those albums that gets under your skin, creeping in with its various nuances, until you suddenly stop what you’re doing and say, ‘Wow.’ ” – Soundwaves Review


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